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Day 54: Hummus & Pita and Black Bean Soup



We started shooting season 2 of It’s Just Food today, after a late night last night. We managed to get through only one episode – Cakes – instead of the two we planned on. I walked in the door at 9:55, just in time to read W a few stories and kiss him goodnight. Having only been around cakes all day (carrot, chocolate zucchini, white layer, cupcakes and cheesecakes) and having sat down for maybe 5 minutes since the alarm went off, I really needed something steaming hot and full of vegetables, that I could eat curled up in bed.

A few days ago I had mixed up a batch of hummus – possibly one of the easiest things on the planet to make, provided you have a food processor – so I tore into a whole wheat pita and just dipped into it, straight from the fridge, while I heated up a bowl of black bean soup. Remember the day I made quesadillas with leftover chicken and black beans? After ravaging the carcass, I threw the bones into a pot, covered it with water and added a few peppercorns and a couple stalks of celery – the inner ones, with the leaves – and simmered it for a bit. Then I made a batch of black bean soup with the remainder of the can of beans, pouring the stock through a colander directly into the pot. There were some chunks of meat left clinging to the bones, and that went in too.

Black bean soup, like chili, is something that should be made in advance and eaten the next day, or the day after that, or the day after that. Like Leonardo DiCaprio, it just gets yummier and fuller-bodied with age. Of course there are limits; after a week or two I’d think it would likely take a downward turn.

Ironically, the last comment I got was from The Hummus Guy. Must make good hummus. (My jar of tahini had a suspicious best-before date, so I ditched it and used peanut butter instead. When I do this, I often add a drizzle of sesame oil to make up for the missing tahini, which is otherwise known as sesame paste.)


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February 23, 2008


1 big can chick peas (also known as garbanzo beans), drained

1 big clove garlic

lemon juice (a couple tablespoons, or to taste)

a big spoonful of tahini or peanut butter

a drizzle of sesame oil if you have no tahini

a glug or two of olive oil

a big spoonful of plain yogurt (optional; Greek-style if you have it)

a pinch of cumin is good

a big pinch of salt

a roasted red pepper is good too


1Whiz all in a food processor until smooth.




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4 comments on “Day 54: Hummus & Pita and Black Bean Soup

  1. Dana mccauley
    February 24, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    Now that is a good fiber day!

  2. the Hummus guy
    February 29, 2008 at 10:00 am

    Dear Julie,
    I got here by mistake, and I think your blog is lovely, but I must urge you to use the hummus recipe in my blog.
    BTW, I’m very fond of peanut butter myself but it’s not good as substitue for good tahini, which is much more gentile.
    The yogurt part is an interesting thing – it’s not part of the traditional dish, but a variation coming from Lebanon. And than again – I’m a huge fan of yogurt but not in my hummus.

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