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Fava beans: I’m not a fan. I love the look of them; I’d put them out like my mom puts out Bosc pears at Christmas, like a little bouquet of beans, if I didn’t have to eat them. I’m always tempted by the robust, pregnant-looking pods at the market, probably because they remind me a little bit of Jamie Oliver, and today I gave in. (I should have known that they are too similar to Lima beans – one of my least favourite foods after black licorice, which I don’t even like other people eating.) I did a quick google for ideas and one of the first recipes that came up called for boiling the beans and then sautéing them with purple onion, which I had a wedge of in the fridge, and sprinkling with fresh mint, which is currently taking over my yard. Perfect. I had a feeling I wouldn’t like it, but I was hopeful. I so wanted to. In the end I ateContinue reading