Remember the Lentils with Sweet Potatoes and Chard that made a batch far bigger than we could handle in one night? (Or even two, having had leftovers for lunch the next day?) It turned into a mighty fine soup – better than its original incarnation, I think. I quickly cooked up an onion, a chubby clove of garlic and two leafy stalks of celery in a bit of oil, threw in a small chunk of chopped salty ham left over from yesterday, the rest of the lentil-sweet potato stuff (about 3 cups) and a 1L tetra pack of chicken stock. It was fantastic, particularly with the last of the cheese biscuits, which toward the end I started dropping in chunks into the soup and then scooping out with a spoon. I made too many yesterday – 32, once I counted – but better to have too much food than not enough, right? Anyone should be able to mix up a quick batch of cheese biscuitsContinue reading