Christmas came early this year – in a box. It wasn’t chocolates – it was cheese. That’s right, an entire gift box full of cheese, just for me. Well, and whomever decides to come over this weekend, because the Discovery Box ($49.99 only at Calgary Co-op – no they are not paying me to tell you this) has also inspired the theme of our Christmas party this year: Polyester and Cheese. (OK, perhaps it’s more accurate to say our pals Mike and Natasha came up with that particular theme last year, but the Discovery Box jolted my memory. By the way, they’re pretty sure they birthed the Bad Christmas Sweater party too, which has seriously increased the value of all synthetic reindeer sweaters with jingle bells on them.) But seriously; not only is a cheese smorgasbord the easiest menu I can conceive of, I can’t imagine waking up to Sunday morning’s leftovers. And who doesn’t adore cheese? Especially when it’s minus 30 outside and swimsuitContinue reading