Just a quick pop in to say hey, guess what? You can cook French toast on the grill! For real! Start with some nice, thick day-old crusty bread, soak them in egg and milk, beaten with a fork, and slap them on a preheated grill. Close the lid to allow them to cook through. (Pancake batter doesn’t work as well.) I grilled some mango cheeks to go with them – just slice the two fleshly sides off, cutting alongside the stone, and throw them cut-side down directly on the grill, until softened and char-marked. Grilled mango is great scooped out over ice cream, or instead of berries on shortcake. Sue‘s here! We’re working on the (as-yet-unnamed) book, consolidating all we’ve been working on in our respective kitchens. She brought zucchini loaf, grainy crackers, ginger cookies and candied lentils on the plane. For dinner we ate lentil-mushroom bourguignon, chorizo, corn and black bean chowder, and pumpkin pie made with cooked-till-soft red lentils. I can’t wait toContinue reading