For any of you who may be sick of all the gushing over Tofino already, I apologize in advance. I’ll try to ballast my swooning with some recipes here and there. I’m already dreaming some up. Yesterday afternoon we rolled into Tofino just in time for fresh crab to come in. We steamed it along with some corn, and ate the rest of a curried brown and wild rice and barley salad with chickpeas I brought along as well. I’m sorry I’m a day behind, but we been on the road for two days and having just arrived and unpacked, I opted to head to the beach rather than sit down at the computer. We have our drive-to-Tofino itinerary down just as pat as anything – leave early (this time we were ready by 5:30, but had a flat tire before we even left our block), coffee in Golden, a quick break to throw rocks in the river under the bridge in Revelstoke (this timeContinue reading