If I were to select the contents of a perfect day, the lineup might look like this: an early morning visit to the coffee shop, then Jupiter for a still-warm grainy blueberry and white chocolate muffin almost the size of a small cantaloupe to nibble on as we stroll down the beach. The bulk of the afternoon spent on the beach at Tonquin park running in the waves, digging channels to the ocean in the sand, building castles and dragons, watching bald eagles and finding starfish. (W has a sunburnt plumbers’ butt from bending over to dig and examine things in the sand, exposing a wedge of pale 4 year old flesh between his shirt and swimmers.) I didn’t bring my camera. I attempted a Julie: unplugged sort of afternoon, and tried not to cringe at every missed photo op. After, a famished late lunch of crispy cod clubs (thick slabs of fresh fish coated in Panko, with crispy bacon, rock shrimp, guacamole, tomato, onionContinue reading