It wasn’t raining when we woke up this morning, but the mist was so heavy it was like the clouds stretched all the way to the earth. W said, as we drove to the beach, that it was just sparkles falling from the sky. At the north end of Chesterman, when the tide is ultra low (there are two low tides per day – the first much lower than the other), caves are revealed around the point whose access is most often obstructed by water. Early in the morning though, at this time of year, the tide backs off enough to let us around the end of the rock and through the caves, even the smooth-walled one that’s just wide enough to fit us walking in single file and cuts straight through barnacle-covered rock (you’ll have to duck toward the end) to the sea anemone-filled tide pools on the other side. Later, we made cookies. There are plenty of BC blueberries around right now, andContinue reading