Weekend mornings, particularly on those days that involve hockey games and long dog walks, call for warm scones – the big coffee shop-style ones with crunchy sugar on top. (I buy mine at Middle Eastern and Mediterranean markets – far cheaper than at gourmet shops.) When it happens to be the weekend before Valentine’s day, white chocolate and dried cherries seem more in order. Sue dried a case of Okanagan cherries last summer and brought me a bag, and they’re still being rationed in my freezer. I decided they best be put to good use, rather than succumb to freezer burn, filed away as too special to eat. If you don’t have dried cherries (or can’t afford them – cha-ching) cranberries are a fine substitute. Feel free to add dark chocolate instead of white, too. I’m sorry to add an extra click to some of these recipes, but I have myself a paid gig over at the Family Kitchen. I love that I’ve managed toContinue reading