Two. Maybe three? Four? I can’t remember as far back as Friday. There were artichoke dip poppers and potato croquettes, and Brussels sprouts (BRUSSELS! Not brussel sprouts. Ahem.) with bacon and candied pecans, and braised red cabbage, smashed potatoes, roasted squash and winter veg and cranberries and plums, and yes a turkey, a turducken and four pies. Five, if you count tonight’s, which was actually a tarte tatin. I’m not sure where to start. The poppers? That’s where we started on Saturday, so i’s as good a place as any. I had them at the Jasper Park Lodge last weekend, and swore to make them as soon as possible. (Or as soon as I had people over on whom to pawn them off. Speaking of the JPL, I’ll be at Christmas in November at this time next month! With Michael Smith and Anna Olson! It’s a ton of fun! Who’s coming?) So it works like this: you take leftover artichoke dip – any kind, really,Continue reading