Hello from the land of the drugged and living, but barely standing. We had a completely fantastic cookie swap yesterday. Enough people came (plus a set of 5 month old twins!) to perfectly fill the house and use up exactly all the glasses and mugs, without having to struggle to find spare surfaces for more cookies. It was perfect. Except that at some point yesterday morning my back decided it had had enough, perhaps rebelling against all this baking – for the Upscale Bake Sale, and the Swerve Christmas party Friday night, then the 14 dozen I was making for another swap last night in unison with about five varieties I wanted to try for yesterday’s party – and deteriorated quickly over the course of the afternoon. As a result I hobbled slowly from room to room, periodically moaning for no particular reason, which probably made other cookie revellers wonder what was up in my brain. I missed last night’s party, unable to sit, stand,Continue reading