I won’t lie – it was a terrible New Year’s Eve (with the exception of the party we went to!), and an even worse New Year’s Day, starting before I even got out of bed. Today ended with taco chips for dinner and a house more disastrous than it was before Christmas, with the tree still up, no new stove, and a kitchen that looks like someone picked it up and shook it. I suppose that means things can only improve this year, right? I’m happy to read of all the clean slates and beautiful beginnings, but mine was not. It’s the worst kind of writers’ block, where you can’t think of anything good to say, and so probably shouldn’t say anything at all, but you really want to. This apple pancake was good. There, that’s something. A puffed pancake is easier to make than you might think, easier than traditional one-at-a-time pancakes, even. You whisk the batter together, pour it into a hot (fromContinue reading