I made these a couple years ago, but came across the photo the other day and forgot how pretty they were. I’m not much of a gingerbread fan, but I love these – the cream cheese frosting makes them, I think. This Christmas I want to make them with wee gingerbread men on top, instead of stars. I meant to do that two years ago, but never did. Once in awhile, when I make something really good, Mike says “but we’ll probably never have this again”, meaning that as a food writer I’m always testing new recipes, never building on a repertoire of really good stuff that I make all the time, like normal home cooks do. I told this to Rose Murray a couple weeks ago, and she agreed – her son always said “you never get the good stuff twice”. Although I do love trying new things, sometimes I forget to remember the good stuff. Here you go – short and sweet –Continue reading