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It’s chocolate season. Dive in. The boys and I have started a new tradition since September – every Friday afternoon when they finish school a few hours early, we go somewhere special; a trip to a surprise location, somewhere fun and maybe even educational. One of our more popular outings was a chocolate tour of Calgary. A few Friday afternoons ago we spent a couple hours tasting our way through chocolate shops around the city. At the main Bernard Callebaut location across from the Stampede grounds, you can do a self-guided tour of the chocolate factory. We talked and tasted at Epiphanie, bought cocoa nibs at Coppeneur and learned about where and how cocoa beans are grown, and how chocolate is made. Important info, as W plans to own a chocolate factory when he grows up. It’s easier to connect with the source of our eggs, meat and bread than the source of our chocolate. Tonight, we’ll curl up on the couch and watch Semisweet:Continue reading