Photo courtesy of my new iPad mini! On my to-do list this week: veg on the couch and go through the yellow milk crate overflowing with torn-out recipes I’ve accumulated over the past ten years or so. I miss the days of the torn-out recipe; looking through it’s interesting to see what I found worthy of tearing out and keeping years ago. What’s trending in my milk crate: doughnuts and shrimp dishes. Weird. These muffins caught my eye because I had a little dish of chopped figs leftover from whoknowswhat sitting on my counter, and pecans for the fruitcake I never made. But the great thing about muffins is that anything goes – and when it came time to mix them up I didn’t feel like rooting around for wheat bran and germ, and added oat flour and oat bran instead, and they turned out divine; wonderfully tender on account of some of the flour being gluten-free. Of course these could be made with anyContinue reading