Happy January, friends. There’s only forty-five minutes left in the first day of January, and I’m still somewhat in shock that it’s actually here. It has taken 24 hours for me to realize it’s midnight, and we haven’t even managed to round up the decorations and put the tree away yet. I don’t have a recipe, nor insight into something interesting to cook today – I did make a puffed apple pancake at about noon, and as I dig up the link I noticed that the last time I made it was January 1, 2012 – ha! Really, I just wanted to pop in and say hi. And thank you. Thanks. I’d go back and cull some gastronomical highlights for you, perhaps wax poetic about the best of the past 12 months, but the truth is I’d rather look ahead. 2012 wasn’t my favourite year, if I’m being honest here. Yes, there was plenty to be happy and thankful for, but much I can’t waitContinue reading