I realize I’m a little scone-crazy around here. There are worse things to be. Boy band crazy, maybe. Having spent the past two mornings in Edmonton in a very family-friendly hotel with fun pools and a spread of all-you-can-eat beige in the morning, including DIY waffles and those long tubes of Froot Loops you crank out into styrofoam bowls, it made me appreciate how much I value my carb calories – that is, if I’m going to eat a giant wodge of bread or a bagel or cinnamon bun, it had better be great. The coffee too, while I’m at it. Perhaps I’m turning into a breakfast snob. All-you-can-eat scones are easy enough to make happen at home, so long as you have flour and butter and milk (or even sour cream or yogurt) in the house. These also call for an egg, making them richer than your standard biscuit, and vanilla beans just because I was in the mood – there’s no need toContinue reading