Julie Van Rosendaal

Hey, I’m Julie.

Know why I look so happy in this picture? I have my bib on, ready to eat.

I’ve loved food – and recipes – for as long as I can remember. My mom likes to tell the story of three-year-old me, asking when I can cook by myself. “When you can read a recipe by yourself,” she told me, “then you can cook by yourself.” So I went off with a stack of cookbooks to learn how to read.

I’ve been cooking ever since. Now I get to write about it, teach people to not be afraid of it, and talk about it on the radio. I’ve always been interested in the culture of food, what people make at home and for each other, how it connects people to each others and their histories. Over the years I’ve learned as much as I can from as many people as I can. I’ve worked in cheese shops, bakeries, restaurants, owned a catering business and a bakery, and have been writing cookbooks (10! both on my own and collaborating with others) since my first self-published book came out in 2000. I’ve been the food columnist every Tuesday morning on the Eyeopener on CBC Calgary for 12 years, am the contributing food editor of the Globe and Mail, and write for several other publications across the country. But still what I love most is cooking for people, whatever that happens to look like. And I’ve been writing about it all here since January 2008.

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I’m so happy you’re here!