I’ll be presenting a workshop at Canada’s Table this October at Fort York, alongside some of my favourite food writers, including Amy Rosen, Michael Olson, Mary Berg, Greta Podleski, Mairlyn Smith, Simon Thibault and Raquel Fox. Celebrate the history and influence cookbooks and great Canadian authors past and present with a full day of panels, demos and workshops. Click here for tickets!

Canada's baking and sweets show

I’ll be onstage at Canada’s Baking and Sweets Show in Toronto – at 11 am on Sunday, October 20!

I’m back as a presenter at this year’s Christmas in November, with four packages between November 1-10, along with Anna and Michael Olson, Susur Lee, Vikram Vij, Elizabeth Baird and Emily Richards, Giselle Corteau, Lauren Toyota and a ton of other amazing chefs, designers, mixologists and other creative people. It’s SUCH a fun time! Check out the full lineup of presenters here!