Day 260: Lime-Cumin Chicken and Corn & Black Bean Salad

I didn’t follow through with my shrimp idea at lunch, but had a couple extra chicken breasts (or chicken chests, as my friend Sue’s dad used to call them when we were kids; a name I can’t seem to shake now) left over from the ones I thawed to grill this morning at CBC, which ended up on top of a grilled pizza. (It went over very well, thank you. You should try it.) I also had half a jar of the lime-cumin vinaigrette I used for the corn and black bean salad (which I revived the remainder of with a fresh tomato and handful of parsley), and so poured it over the chicken and let it sit for a bit while I fired up the barbecue.

Or not. It was out of gas.

So I pan fried them. Which seems so dull. I felt like the Mom from any number of household product ads, wearing beige slacks and a tailored blue shirt with sensible flats (except that I wasn’t), sautéing up skinless chicken breasts for my family. Then I gave the dog his heartworm pill and Mike put up my spice rack. Is this that domestic bliss I keep hearing so much about?

All this in 27 degree heat, while W watched Christmas Sing-Along Classics, the only DVD he wanted to bring home from the library today. Fortunately it was the stop-animation version with Rudolph, Frosty et al, but at this rate (I’m also working on a few Christmas articles and planning recipes for some Thanksgiving shows we’re taping on Thursday) I’ll be into Easter by the time I should be Christmas shopping.

Not that I’m complaining.

I wonder what Sarah Palin’s family is having for dinner?


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3 comments on “Day 260: Lime-Cumin Chicken and Corn & Black Bean Salad

  1. Dana mccauley
    September 17, 2008 at 5:19 am

    Love that Tina Fey!

    I also love that you have veggies on half your plate – that’s my latest thing these days: use meat and carbs as a garnish.

  2. Cheryl
    September 17, 2008 at 7:04 am

    Don’t forget the white teeth and cleaning product placement for a true picture of domestic bliss.

  3. elektra
    September 17, 2008 at 8:12 am

    I suppose they’re having whatever Sarah scrounged up, living off the land and all. Survivalist tactics in the kitchen are nothing. Once her husband has hung up her gun rack in the kitchen and Sarah’s forgotten to give her teenage daughter a birth control pill, she heads outside into the yard, sitting cross-legged on the massive play set and taking in the luminescent beauty of the Northern Lights. She’s probably thinking about how she can name the next cold war after those greenish-reddish phenomena, glowing like radioactive material over the barren glory of the tundra. George Bush already used ‘A Thousand Points of Light’ didn’t he?

    Since she can see Russia from her house and is feeling a little frisky, she probably should be talking to you about those cans of SARS tuna as they’d be effective weapons in said war . She might have to retrofit one of her guns to accommodate the tins. Can’t you just see her out there lobbing tuna cans at the Russians, shouting, “That’ll teach you to invade Georgia, unannounced. That’s just rude. Like they say in Alaska…”

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