Yes, Jann Arden made me lunch

A few weeks ago, Jann Arden invited me over for lunch – she made Beyond Meat burgers, and we chatted about life and food and how she’s navigating being vegan, and I recorded it all and whittled it down into a podcast. It was my first time recording one on my own – no one was standing by with headphones, watching the levels on the laptop… it was just Jann and I and a single hand-held mic with a really long cord – almost long enough to reach around her 8×10 foot kitchen island. (If I was to be stranded on an island, it would be that one.) Give it a listen… huge thanks to Jann for taking the time to make me lunch, for letting me use one of her songs, and just generally being an amazing human and positive influence on the world.


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  1. Derek
    April 16, 2019 at 10:03 am

    Tried to listen to your podcast with Ms. Arden but found it painful. It saddens me that “eating” is to some like Ms Arden or it seems Alberta conservatives in general (not sure she is but she sounds like one), is entertainment, or nearly a blood sport & full of justifications & excuses. It was also painful to hear Ms Arden’s faux & contradictory evolution into being 90-95% vegan, like a onerous badge of honour that a pseudo girl scout has to earn & maintain. Like most faux vegans / vegetarians, ultimately, it’s not about animal welfare or doing a right thing or heaven forbid about health & nutrition, but to her & them it’s about replicating the mythology & pseudo texture or “taste” of MEAT, as if plant based is OTHER & could never be good enough on it’s own. She can’t live without ethically raised chickens or seafood? And I’m supposed to respect that? She can & will do whatever she wants, her ego & insecurities will make sure of that until her brain can process that she doesn’t need to make comparisons or justifications. Alberta conservatives brains are similar.

    I felt like throwing up my breakfast when I heard you both talking about food in that vein. I mean REALLY, Beyond Meat burger is “good” because it replicates Meat? It boggled my mind that a “veggie” or bean based burger just was outright dismissed as never “good” enough. Did you try to compare items without condiments or additions, which will disguise or change the taste of nearly anything anyway. The mind boggles seeing A&W commercials with folks raving about how surprising or tasty the fatty high sodium Beyond Meat burger is? Ans what about the discussion of nutrition & health in food, or with Ms Arden or YOU, or A&W or the Beyond Meat burger fad / myth. Sadly, the more you & others mythologize such products & they gain their 15 minutes of fame, the price skyrockets as sheeple jump on the temporary bandwagon. Look what has happened to the price & supply of quinoa, chia, nuts & seeds & so on.

    I wish your CBC show, your website & your new podcasts would deal more with science based health & nutrition & diy recipe combinations that would provide affordable complete nutrition, vs. topics that are just popular or TASTE GOOD. Being “good” is not correct, when you actually mean the TASTE was “good” or pleasing or appealing, even if the nutrition was abhorrent. Poison could be made to taste good but does that mean it is as you & others describe something as actually being “GOOD”? It’s a serious food error IME.

    You realize (doesn’t seem as if Ms Arden does or would) that not everyone can afford “Beyond Meat” products, which are just another high priced profit maker for the fast food industry rather than real or nutritious or affordable food, never mind diy for a recipe.

    Also, I wish recipe makers would keep in mind that energy & appliances & ingredients are HUGE COSTS as part of a recipe or things to eat but are never considered or mentioned. Leaving the oven on for an hour or two or three during peak energy periods can can really make a recipe expensive or not even affordable, as can many ingredients. But to those that can afford these expensive add ons, your website & info is just an accessory to their sport. For those of us that are financially struggling & even us seniors, we just simply want to eat nutritiously complete affordable to buy & make meals that will keep us alive & as healthy as we can. Food is not a blood or status sport or form of entertainment It is a vital function to living & should be revered more than as entertainment or sport or religions or Gods or other over hyped myths.

    Secret word. Donut. Just to show you I listened to the end of your podcast, but I was pretty saddened & found your podcast & guest to be completely “unappetizing”.

    • Esme
      April 16, 2019 at 9:48 pm

      Whoa, Derek! You’re all mixed up. There’s no connection between anything in the podcast and the Conservative Party. Honest. There’s nothing faux or contradictory about going 90-95% vegan, even if you are Jann Arden. It would be faux and contradictory if she was FAKING being 100% vegan, or had a secret pig farm or something. Also, do you actually know who Jann is? Because if you did, you would realize that she doesn’t have ego problems at all (quite the contrary given her stardom; she’s really down to earth) and she wouldn’t be where she is if she suffered from insecurity. So hard to figure out what you’re really mad at, and kind of weird that you seem to have a massive supply of poison to spout on poor Julie’s blog, but it’s not hard to figure out that you’re bored and lonely (one could see why you’re lonely!) Derek, if you read this, maybe put all that rage and misplaced anger into growing a nice, nutritious vegetable garden. and eat the veggies you harvest completely raw to save on cooking costs. You could solve a bunch of your problems all at once and leave the rest of us to enjoy food as celebration, as reward, as something positive and community-building which is one of Julie’s gifts to us. And leave Jann alone. She’s never done anything to you, so just SHHHH. Thankyou in advance for making the world a better place by SHHHHH.

    • ams
      April 16, 2019 at 10:10 pm

      Buddy , Lighten up. Don’t listen to the podcast if you don’t like it. Quit reading food blogs.
      Julie makes great contributions to our food life. Julie and Jann are Calgary treasures.
      Start your own blog if you think that you can be more educational.

    • Trish
      April 20, 2019 at 4:50 pm

      Hi Derek – wow that’s a lot of time spent raining on someone’s parade. You might want go to the political sections of the internet to vent your views. If people can afford it, people can enjoy whatever food they want.
      I think you’re out-numbered here and you could spend your time more productively (so much judgment from you). One doesn’t know what the next person has gone through in their life so it’s better not to judge.

      Julie is a fantastic cook and Calgary is proud of her. Same with Jann (maybe a little crass sometimes); she’s a great singer. This podcast is only entertainment so lighten up!

  2. Janet Greenhalgh
    April 20, 2019 at 3:24 pm

    Veganism is great where it makes sense. Sometimes I think the vegan militants would have to STFU if they understood all the political issues around harvesting and exporting cashew nuts. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Besides I never met a vegan indigenous Canadian. Must be a reason for that. Hint: we live in a land of ice and snow

  3. Esme
    April 20, 2019 at 7:06 pm

    Almost as if Julie knew what Derek was thinking (maybe she has ESP!), she wrote a column about “clean eating” for the Globe and Mail. Derek, read this and be free!

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