I feel like I’ve been neglecting you guys as much as everyone-thing else these days, and I want to bake you a batch of cookies. Perhaps it’s because the days are so long, the nights so hot and short, the birds holding their morning raves outside the window promptly at 5 am, that makes June seem so manic. I’ve had more projects on my plate than usual lately, and wound up on crutches last weekend – a totally undramatic injury triggered by standing up from the table out at Mount Engadine Lodge after dinner of bison short ribs and crispy, cheesy polenta. They’re known for their moose population out in the marsh between lodge window and Rocky Mountains, and I kept jumping up, hoping to catch one in the setting sunlight. So when people ask how it happened, rather than tell a tale of cycling or mountain climbing, I have to confess that I indeed injured myself (torn tendons or something in my knee –Continue reading