Today has been an enormous, pregnant albatross attempting to take off from a well-greased runway. With a piano tied to its ass. I finally sat down to my 100 or so hours’ worth of editing (that was due yesterday) at around 1, and had to leave at 3:30 to pick up my nephew from school. Having not really paid attention when planning this I told my sister we’d hang out at her house until she got home from work, and having simply written “pick up kids from school” on the calendar, it hadn’t registered that she wouldn’t get home from her meeting until after 8. It occurred to me at about 6:30 that she wasn’t coming home anytime soon and I was responsible for dinner, there, at about the same moment W came into the kitchen crying, with a fresh handful of splinters. Has anyone experienced a three year old with splinters? Lots of them? For the first time? It was much louder than that. WhileContinue reading