Let it be known that I am NOT READY to get a jump on the back to school bandwagon. No shopping. No planning. It’s still August, and – I’m still poking at my (very sad) garden, hosing off flip-flopped feet and baking stone fruits and berries into crumbles and pies. Not. Ready. I’m pushing back with pie. I’ve spent some quality time catching up with some of my favourite food blogs, including Lottie & Doof, where a photo of something juicy and blueberry-heavy caught my eye. We picked up a 10 lb box of blueberries from the TUCG pick up last week, and while we’ve made a valiant effort of plowing through them, it’s ready to hit fast forward and use them up by the bowlful. And there were a couple plums getting lonely, and because I’m not one to give up a free blackberry (or a hundred), I’ve had a bowlful on the counter for most of the week, encouraging the fruit fly population.