Today’s frozen mystery meat surprise turned out to be Buffalo Chicken Strips – which W was none to pleased about, so he had spinach pizza. All I did was lay them out on a cookie sheet and bake them for 20 minutes, then crumbled some blue cheese (I’m not a huge fan, but wanted to be authentic) into a bit of low fat sour cream and light mayo. We ate them with our fingers, and without much of anything else, unless you count finishing off W’s pizza crusts. To be honest I come home at the end of each day having not only worked around food for 10 hours or so, but having spent that time nibbling it.. we have to do several takes at the end of each recipe during which we “taste and reveal”, and because neither Ned nor I are stellar actors, we almost always have to do it over and over, attempting each time to take another spontaneously new and excitingContinue reading