It looks like a slice of brie tucked into the jar with the carrots – I assure you it’s not. It’s fresh ginger, a spur-of-the-moment addition inspired by David Lebovitz‘s mention of using ginger sugar in his batch. (From Paris to Tofino, connecting the world one pickle at a time.) I find myself now in the unusual position of trying to use up food before leaving Tofino to head home – among my targets were a bunch of carrots, forgotten in their crisper drawer in lieu of ice cream and fish & chips. And because all produce has pickle potential, I decided to do up a couple jars of them – one to take home and one to leave for whomever winds up at the house next. Pickling carrots is easy – and makes great use of all the wee finger-sized ones that are coming out of the ground right about now. You peel and blanch them, then dump out the water and add vinegar,Continue reading