In summer, a proper iced coffee is a beautiful thing. It can also be an expensive thing. Very often, it’s a necessary thing. I wrote about cold-brewed coffee eons ago – the kind you make in a jar – which is smooth and not at all bitter, and intended to be used as an iced coffee concentrate. And then I came across a similar version on Food 52 that was sweetened as it brewed with dark brown sugar, and spiked with cinnamon. They call it magical coffee, contributed by someone who had it at her local coffee shop. I embraced the opportunity to use my instant-filter method, in which I mix up the water, coffee, sugar and cinnamon in a jar with a chopstick (or whatever), then cover it with a double layer piece of cheesecloth and screw on the ring. That way, it lives in the fridge and can be poured directly into a glass filled with ice, rather than rummaging around for aContinue reading