Honestly, I have no idea why my pants don’t fit anymore. This has been a very well-fed week. Two of our birthday gifts were tickets to see the Tiger Lilies’ Seven Deadly Sins show at the Grand and gift certificates to Murrieta’s, which is conveniently on the same block, and since technically we had two birthdays this week we could play the birthday card twice and get another night of babysitting. I haven’t been to Murrieta’s in years but everyone’s food was outstanding (there were 5 of us) and came in quantities you hardly see at restaurants of that caliber – particularly the appetizers. Mike had tempura prawns with at least 8 piled on his plate, and my goat cheese wrapped in phyllo (I was expecting maybe a few sparse triangles) was easily the size of two decks of cards wrapped in phyllo and topped with a kind of blackberry-mint chutney, with a side salad (beyond a little garnishy pile of greens). It could have easilyContinue reading