OK you guys, I can’t believe I’ve been holding out on you with these for over a year. For that matter I can’t believe I’ve been holding out on myself – I haven’t made a batch of these since I’m sure before W was born, out of sheer laziness. Not that they’re all that challenging. I forgot how totally dead-easy they are. Do you recognize them? Raincoast Crisps. I love them. Like hysterical Bridget Jones love. (“I’m not sleeping with them both at once – I accidentally slept with each of them separately.” – Bridget to Shaz on Daniel Cleaver and Mark Darcy) For awhile I was so voraciously addicted that I bought a box more than a few times a week – like picking up a pack of cigarettes, only pricier. So I set about figuring out how to make them myself. The ingredient list looked an awfully lot like Boston brown bread, so I gave it a go. Easier than pie: you stirContinue reading