Pardon the hasty photo – it was taken as the boys were in the car, waiting for me to go to Banff. About forty seconds after this shot was taken, I poured it into a recycled plastic container with no structural integrity, pouring the peanut sauce down my leg and all over the lemon-blueberry tarts I was also packing to take along. Insert expletives. No photos please. I cleaned up and made it to Banff, and am now all stretched out on clean, dog hair-free sheets and perfect pillows while the boys are at the pool working up an appetite. I have such a soft spot for this place, partly because we grew up coming here on ski weekends, and partly because it’s a castle in the mountains. It occurred to me that this weekend, half the Moms from Calgary and surrounding areas may be there – not just to stay, but for their famous Sunday brunch or high tea. It further occurred to meContinue reading