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Day 32: Leftovers

I had a nap this afternoon. We all did. It was absolutely delicious – in my sleepy stupor I remember likening it to falling backward into a big, soft, voluptuous coconut cream pie. It was that yummy. Apparently I dream a lot like Homer Simpson.

But then when we woke up, it was 6:22, Mike had to leave in an hour, and we were all starving.

Solution: combine what was left of that brown and wild rice salad with the chopped remains of the slow-cooker chicken and a few halved grape tomatoes. Voila! Dinner.


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1 comments on “Day 32: Leftovers

  1. dana
    February 1, 2008 at 11:00 pm

    We did not nap although it was a snow day and no one would have judged us harshly. We did however, eat bagels with butter and leftover green beans for dinner. Does that make me a slob or simply human? I’m hoping human wins!

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