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  1. Alie
    October 1, 2012 at 2:11 am

    I recently gave up my Calgarian status to move to Jakarta and your delicious posts about fall harvests and warming soups leave me green with jealousy as I desperately search the city in 35 degrees for the last imported can of pumpkin. Still a pot of our favorite chicken noodle soup is worth the extra heat in the kitchen. I learned this one from the cooking classes at Salsita (formerly Boca Loca). It’s a simple soup (it even cheats using powdered chicken stock (Gasp). the trick is to first sauté small noodles in the pot until they start to turn golden brown, then blend together some tomatoes, onion and garlic and sieve into the pot once the noodles are brown, saute for a minute then pour in chicken stock and boil until the noodles are ready! It’s a soup that you can crave even in 35 degrees!

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