Day 6: Bacon & Eggs

I wasn’t even drinking last night. Maybe it was the Sundayness of today, it being the first normal, school-night Sunday in weeks, that made me crave bacon & eggs all day long. I wanted to go somewhere with all-day breakfast, but with W in tow that usually means Mike and I taking turns chasing him around the restaurant after his food keeps him busy for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. (No, not all at once.)

It turns out nothing else can satiate a bacon and egg craving, so I made some, with back bacon I had leftover from making breakfast for Ralph Klein on BT last week – I did a bacon trio: side, back and turkey. (No one went for my blind taste test idea.) The eggs I bought on Friday from the lamb stand at the Crossroads market are so big they don’t fit side by side in their carton, and so far every one has had a double yolk. Most of the time they end up as poached eggs on toast, but today I cooked them in the last drizzle of roasted garlic olive oil, after cooking the bacon, of course.

Bonus: most people associate back bacon with Bob & Doug, rather than with leanness, but Canadian back bacon has far less than half the fat of the strip bacon we’re used to seeing with eggs.


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