Day 64: Wrap party at Redwater Grille

Wow, it sounds so glamorous when I put it like that.

We wrapped season 2 of It’s Just Food today! (Not counting my day of taping at Sobey’s tomorrow – I go tape 13 one-minute segments on how to shop for various ingredients. It’s weird having a camera crew follow you around the grocery store for a day, while people are going about their shopping. After awhile I get used to talking enthusiastically to the camera while people stare.)

So anyway, we’re out of the kitchen. Phew. There was an impromptu wrap party at Redwater at 5, so the appetizers we all shared became dinner. Flatbread (don’t you love the new fancy restaurant name for pizza?), bison meatballs, mini burgers, mini tacos, and some creamy shrimp. Sorry, I was unable to document the snacking as my camera ran out of batteries. I wish I had a photo of W sitting at the bar with his big boy drink of ice water and yam fries with ketchup, patiently watching the hockey game.


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1 comments on “Day 64: Wrap party at Redwater Grille

  1. Sue
    March 5, 2008 at 10:20 am

    Yam Fries. My favourite but hard to make. Or at least our attempts have failed. Do you have a recipe?

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