Candied Peel & Fig Jam Eccles Cakes-of-Sorts

Allison took pity on my cranky, overtired self and made a home delivery of finger cakes made with puff pastry, fig jam and bitter orange. They were still warm. Having made eccles cakes for fathers’ day she had leftover puff pastry, and decided to roll it and spread it with fig jam, then bitter orange peel, and fold it over thus. Brilliant, no? It goes to show there is a whole world of eccles cake possibilities out there, and you can cut them into any shape you want. I may or may not have shared.

She even took a picture as she made them and emailed it to me. Aw.

A warning: I may be brief and perhaps uninspired when it comes to recipes this week. (In fact, I may have been sparse the past two weeks already. Sorry ’bout that.) My lack of time management skills means I a) never get things done while I’m away, and 2) seriously underestimated how much cooking (and prepping and cleaning and serving) for 30 space/horror celebs would require (even with Wade‘s generous help, on fathers’ day even), and although it was great fun, it sucked up my entire weekend. Which I kind of needed to finish the work I didn’t get done while we were away. And so I’m scrambling – I’m on BT every morning this week (searching for Calgary’s best pizza! a tough job, but somebody’s gotta), and the final (FINAL!) edits of Spilling the Beans are due, plus the index. I have CBC two mornings and a dinner tomorrow night and a class on Thursday night, and a post a day to write for Babble, and stories due for Swerve and Parents Canada and Apple, and about a half dozen food photos, and I was called in to cover CBC traffic this afternoon, so chances are good it may happen again. And that’s just this week, and I’m not keeping up. Quelle surprise.

Of course every time I bow out and say I need to disappear for a bit, I don’t. So we’ll see. Also, I have Disneyland to tell you about, and Elvira. We hung out and talked about food yesterday! Really. She wants me to send her the recipe for Elna Edgar’s marinated asparagus. And she told me about a roasted cauliflower pasta she makes, with olive oil and garlic and anchovies and breadcrumbs. Which of course I have to make, not only because it sounds fab but because Elvira shared it with me. (!!!)


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4 comments on “Candied Peel & Fig Jam Eccles Cakes-of-Sorts

  1. H-woman
    June 20, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    I’d be more than happy to help out with the pizza hunt if you need to let something on that list go! =)

    You have the marinated asparagus recipe?! But what about the relish? THAT’s the one I need. Wait a minute. I can just buy it and save my kitchen from the mess that’s sure to follow.

    You’ll get through it all–just remember to breathe!

  2. Laurie from Burnaby
    June 20, 2011 at 11:38 pm

    Those cakes look wonderful! I’ll have to try that. Take care of yourself – don’t work yourself to a breakdown. I’ll take shortened and brief posts so long as I know you’re cutting back

  3. Sheila
    June 21, 2011 at 8:57 am

    I’ve been watching you on BT each morning…I want your job. And I made your chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. You have made our house a very happy place.


  4. Henri
    June 21, 2011 at 10:39 am

    Times 2 on Laurie’s comment. I am in awe of your workload and grateful for every post. Take care!

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